Police launch drive against non-ISI helmets in Mysuru

Sales increase at helmet shops in city

Mysuru, January 2:- To crackdown on the use of non-ISI helmets and half helmets, the Mysuru City Police launched a special drive from Tuesday.

To implement the helmet rule 100 percent in the city and create awareness among the riders to wear ISI certified helmets and avoid wearing non-ISI mark and half helmets which are unsafe to the riders and the pillion, the police have launched this special drive.

On the first day of the drive, police personnel stopped riders wearing non-BIS helmets which did not bear the ISI mark on it. The police officers seized the helmets on the spot and advised the motorcycle riders to wear helmets certified by ISI.

The drive against sub-standard helmets was launched by the police after many motorists were seen using sub-standard helmets to evade fines levied by the traffic police. The cops, who took the issue seriously, first raided the shops and roadside vendors selling non-ISI marked helmets and seized them.

Even after a series of raids on such shops, the purchase of sub-standard helmet by the motorists continued. Taking a bold step, the city police launched a drive to crackdown on sub-standard helmets by stopping the motorists at several places across the city.

Huge demand for ISI mark helmets

As soon as the city police launched the drive against the use of sub-standard helmets, the motorists thronged the helmet and auto-gears shops in the city to purchase new helmets. Helmet shops on Chamaraja Double Road witnessed brisk sales for BIS mark helmets which gradually has increased their business.-(KK)


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