Police to curb illegal activities atop Chamundi Hills

Mysuru, June 19:- The city police have geared up to curb illegal activities atop Chamundi Hills. Those who visit the hills during night time have been indulging in illegal activities following which the police have decided not to let anyone enter Chamundi Hills after 10 pm.

One has to adhere time to commute to and from the Chamundi Hills. Huge gates will be installed to prevent the public from entering the hills during night. Only the residents of the hill will be allowed to commute.

Travellers were always targeted by miscreants causing embarrassment. There were a lot of complaints about the issue at K R Police Station. Inspector Prakash under the guidance of senior officials of the police department has taken the initiative to bolster security atop hills. CCTV cameras will also be installed in addition to the gates.

The Muzirai Department has provided the funds for the project. K R Police Station will depute a policeman for safety purpose. He will patrol the hills to ensure safety, says Inspector Prakash.

–(SN, NGB)


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