Police official’s ‘act’ in Dharwad inspires us, say activists

In a contest which involved beating innocent people black and blue, the Karnataka Police have won with a huge mark, setting an example of impeccable bravery in the country. Karnataka Police now has been recognised as the mostinhuman-friendly force which has claimed to have inspired many people who take law into their own hands.

The incident has shot the Karnataka Police to national fame with everyone hailing the goons in khakhi police officials’ act of audacity. Let alone unarmed people who were protesting the interim order of the Mahadayi Water Dispute Tribunal in Dharwad, even a pregnant woman was not spared.

“That’s a commendable job indeed. I mean beating innocent people has its own glory. Believe us, we have trashed many but couldn’t gather enough courage to beat a pregnant woman. Hats off to Karnataka Police. They are the real inspiration to us,” a Satish Kumar, a self-styled leader told this reporter.

Unconfirmed sources claim that the police officials’ act has been cited as an example to motivate activists who until now kept imitating Karnataka Police, unknowingly.

“Police always seem to have an upper hand as they are, unlike us, officially appointed to beat people. No one questions them but on the other hand we will be subjected to immense criticism. This is unfair. When what we do is same, then why a different treatment. It would be a great idea if we join hands and beat people,” advised a leader.

Justifying the act, G Andu Kumar, one of the police officials who had just cane-charged an old man, said that violence is part of his job. “See, we have a reputation of terrorising people. So we got to maintain it. If we start behaving in a friendly manner, we are afraid that there wouldn’t be any scope for terror and people will take us lightly,” he said.

We couldn’t even impose fine on people unlike traffic police. If they catch a person, they are sure of making Rs 100 by asking this and that documents. What about us. We had to vent out our frustration this way. That’s it, G Andu Kumar said.

Meanwhile, condemning the act of what they called brutality, Human Right activists advised Home Minister G Parmeshwar to deploy robots instead of police to manage the crowd. They said that new robots manage such situations sensitively and they have some humanness as well.

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