Policy Distribution Programme held by Credit-I

The Rural Development and Innovative Technology Center (Credit-I) has provided its self-help group members with insurance policies. It is aimed at providing them with economical and mental security during their problems through Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) under the central government’s social security schemes.

Credit-I organization held a programme to distribute the compensation to the families of the members of the self-help group. An amount of rupees 50,000 each was distributed to 3 families by the LIC on July 16, in the Credit-I premises. Along with this, for the students of the beneficial families from 2nd standard to 2nd PUC, scholarship of 1,200 was distributed.

Senior Branch Manager, Pension and Group Insurance, H Manjunath said that the programmes being organised by the Credit-I for the financially backward families are appreciable and the members of the self-help groups should get the benefit of the programme in more number.

Managing Trustee and CEO of Credit-I Dr M P Varsha and Trustee of Credit-I Rahul Dayal were present.

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