Polluted Devanur Lake gasping for breath

Residents of N R Mohalla and Udayagiri, under the banner of Save Devanur Lake Committee, held a demonstration on Thursday voicing their concern over the deplorable state of Devanur Lake.

The demonstrators pointed that the lake which used to be a pristine water body and a haven to a number of migratory birds till few years ago has become a cesspool of sewage water. They sought the Deputy Commissioner’s intervention in reviving the lake which has got polluted from the storm drain water accompanied with huge quantity of underground sewage water coming from Ghousiyanagar, Shantinagar, Rajivnagar, N R Mohalla and other surrounding areas.

Devanuru Lake 1With sewage being the only source of water, the lake is gasping for breath and is on the brink of dying, the demonstrator said. The stagnant drain water in the lake is also posing potential health hazards to the residents with the possibility of outbreak of water-borne diseases.

The committee said in a memorandum to the Deputy Commissioner D Randeep, “The residents of nearby societies are exposed to threat of vector-borne diseases as the lake has become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Disease like chikungunya is common in the residential area around the lake now.”

Devanuru Lake 2Efforts to revive the lake were made a few years ago but were abandoned midway. Since then the lake is crying for the attention of the authorities and the pleas of residents seems to fell on deaf ears.

The committee and the residents have demanded the concerned officials to take immediate measures to save the water body by diverting the sewage water from the lake, reviving it and making it a tourist spot.

The demonstrators threatened to intensify the agitation if the authorities do not take necessary measures to revive the lake.

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