Poor response to Dasara book fair

Dasara book fair organised annually in the city as part of the historical Mysuru Dasara is receiving a poor response from the public.

Mysuru, which is known for its high literary traditions, is now receiving a very less footfall at the annual book fair organised as part of the Mysuru Dasara.  Dasara book fair organised for the fourth consecutive year with an intent to create a platform for publishers and provide a wide range of books to the readers is now in a lacklustre state, thanks to poor response from the public.

Dasara book fair, one of the best book fairs conducted in the city every year, used to get a good response and a good number of publishers across the state would come forward to participate at the book fair. But this year, it has been an insipid response to the publishers and stall owners due to virtually no response by the public.

Speaking to City Today, a stall in-charge Krishna said: “We are receiving a low-key response from the public. Even after five days we haven’t received a good footfall that we expected. We have kept a wide range of book collections _ from novels to short stories to collection of poems _ but still nothing is pushing the public to attend the book fair.”

A few of the publishers and stall owners blame the district administration and Dasara sub-committee for not promoting the book fair. Sachin, a Mysuru-based publisher, said: “There has been a tremendous response to the Dasara food festival and Yuva Dasara. Even if 10 per cent of those visitors show interest in the book fair, it would be a good response.”

Srinidhi, a stall owner, alleged that the authorities had failed to promote the event in a proper way. “There has been a good set up made and wide range of books has been kept for sale at a good discount price but with no customers are to be seen and all the books have remained under wraps. With the same response last year, a few publications and publishers, who felt demotivated, decided not to participate in this year’s book fair. Only six and odd publishers from other places have set up stalls this year.”

Dasara book fair houses around 50 stalls, with collection of various novels, poems, short stories, historical books, biographies, informative books and many others. Despite being offered 10 to 50% discount on books by the stalls owners, public and readers are yet to respond.

-By Karthik K K

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