Post card protest against actress turned politician Ramya

Members of Yuvabharath Association staged a post card protest against actress turned politician Ramya, near post office at Chamundipuram Circle on Monday.

Yuvabharath Association members wrote post cards writing ‘take your family along with you to Pakistan and stay happy there’. The members shouted slogans, ‘Desh bachao, Ramya hathao’. They have posted more than 150 letters to the residential address of Ramya.

Speaking on the occasion, secretary of the Association, Jogi Manju said “Ramya’s statement is unforgivable. She should take back her statement. Pakistanis are attacking and killing our soldiers every day.  Pakistan has been India’s biggest enemy. If she has so much love for Pakistan, she should shift to Pakistan”.

“If Ramya has that much of love for Pakistan, she can settle there and continue films and politics in Pakistan. Our Association is symbolically protesting against Ramya. If she doesn’t take back her statement, Hindu society should ban her films. Karnataka film chamber should also ban her until she apologises for her statement” he said.

Members of Mysuru City Corporation M V Ramaprasad, Vikram, Ajay Shastry, Raviteja, Rayal Prasad, Sandeep, Gaurav, Preveen, Shivakumar, Rakesh, Sharath, Pavitra, Rajalakshmi and others were present.


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