Postcard movement against reopening of schools from July 1

Mysuru, June 5:- Prajnavantha Nagarika Vedike held a postcard movement at Chamundipuram Post Office here on Thursday (June 5), urging the government not to reopen schools from July 1.

“Schools should not be reopened from July 1 at any cost. Due to coronavirus pandemic, the students, parents and teachers are worried. By doing so, we are adding fuel to the fire,” said the president of the association, Kadakola Jagadish.

“It will not be possible to make children use hand sanitisers and wear face masks. Children can’t be pressurised to follow all the norms at school as they are sensitive. Poor families can’t afford to buy face masks every day. Doctors have also told that children are prone to be affected by coronavirus. Teachers will have to concentrate on maintaining social distancing than teaching. It is impossible to maintain social distancing while coming to school in autos and taxis. We request the government to reopen schools in September or October,” he added.

Harish Naidu, Suchindra, Shivu, Chakrapani, Gopalakrishna and others were present. (MR/KS)

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