Posters: MCC warns violators of stringent action

Violators beware! You can’t stick posters wherever you want. Those sticking posters on the walls of government offices and private buildings that lead to inconvenience, they will be inviting trouble. A couple of days back, City Today had carried a report in this regard. Taking a serious note of this, Mysuru City Corporation on Monday announced that violators will invite a fine of Rs 1,000 and are punishable under the law. Mayor B L Bhyrappa made this announcement today. He cited the recent report carried in the City Today.

 “MCC has appointed nine new Data Entry Officials (DEO) for all the zones. The earlier employees were taking a bribe of Rs 500 or Rs 1,000 and creating problems for taxpaying. New officials will help those who pay taxes with filling the applications and data entry. They will be paid a salary of Rs 9,036,” said Mayor.

“Mysuru consists of more than 76,000 street lights which are not energy efficient. The electricity bill and maintenance charges go up to Rs 20 crore per year. The MCC has sent a request to the state government asking permission to replace the old bulbs with the LED bulbs, which are energy efficient. We are hopeful of receiving a response from the government soon,” he added.

“The tax and other payments and transactions of the MCC were made through Axis and Kotak Mahindra banks. As their tender ends in December, the banking of the MCC will be done with the IDBI bank. The bank will install machines to enable cashless transactions,” he added.

MCC officer Suresh Babu, Corporators Shekhar and Balu were present in the press meet.

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