Pourakarmikas stage protest; garbage piles up in the city

Mysuru, June 12:- To know what would happen if the pourakarmikas stop working in a big city, one has to go round the city to see the reality. Garbage which has not been collected can be seen on all the streets and wards of Mysuru City Corporation (MCC). The reason behind this is the ‘contract’ pourakarmikas are on a statewide agitation urging the state government to regularise their services with immediate effect.

The wastes strewn beside the streets, roads and pavements are emanating bad odour and it has become difficult to walk around. Cattle and dogs are seen nibbling at the garbage all over.

The one-day protest of pourakarmikas has led to chaos, one can’t imagine as to what would happen if they continue the protests for over a week, the residents question.

The pourakarmikas have threatened that they would intensify the protests if the government doesn’t fulfill their demands on priority basis. With the arrival of monsoon, dengue and malaria is threatening the lives of the citizens. The citizens feel that the government should act now before things go beyond control.

-(KS, NGB)

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