Practical knowledge is a must for law students: H V Rajiv

The annual day celebra­tions of one of the oldest colleges in the city, Shara­da Vilas Law College had a point to drive home. On the occasion, law graduates were advised to get prac­tical knowledge of legal proceedings in the courts, along with academic stud­ies to become best ad­vocates to bring positive changes in the society.

District Co-operative Society union president H V Rajiv said law graduates should observe at least 20 proceedings during their three-year academics of LLB which makes them to understand the classroom studies in a right manner.

“Practical knowledge is equally important as class­room studies in law. Law students have to ensure they get such opportunities

to understand the proceed­ings which surely inspires them,” he underlined.

“Law is one of the no­ble professions with signifi­cant social responsibility to ensure justice for victims, especially those with poor background. Although there is stiff competition in this profession, success of advocacy depends on so­cial concerns. Advocacy is nothing but voice of the voiceless to get justice. Law is a profession which has significant responsibil­ity to protect obligations of the Constitution, and the law of land for leading the society in a better manner. A tough stance of advocacy in terms of uplifting justice should be the motto of eve­ry law practitioner,” he said.

As part of the event, mer­itorious law graduates were felicitated.


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