Practice human values in life: Atma Jnanananda Seer

Mysuru, July 26:- “We can’t ourselves as human beings if we don’t practice human values in our life,” said Atma Jnanananda Seer of Sr Ramakrishna Mutt.

He was speaking after inaugurating annual sports, cultural and NSS programmes at TTL College premises in the city on Thursday.

“Human beings have the ability to know what has happened in the past and present. We have the ability to respond to the worldly happenings. This is the difference between us and animals. We should work to solve the problems that are troubling the world. We should utilise the opportunities we get in life. Soldiers have dedicated their lives for the nation. If we don’t respond to the problems in the world, we are in no way different from animals. We have to stop using plastic to save our environment,” he added.

Director of University of Mysore College Development Council Dr S Srikantaswamy, secretary of TTL Institutions Prof H S Anantha Narayana and others were present. (GK, NGB)

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