Prasad to Siddu: You too Brutus

Former minister continues his barb against CM; seeks his ouster.

The dissident activities in the state Congress camp are refusing to settle down. Former minister V Srinivasa Prasad continued his no-holds-barred attack against the Chief Minister Siddaramaiah after being dropped from the cabinet ministry.

Prasad, throughout the press meet held at a private hotel here on Friday, raised a banner of revolt against the CM and was firm on his stand, demanding ouster of Siddramaiah. Prasad said that the CM had already done enough damage to the party’s image and it was public that the cabinet reshuffle was not to strengthen the party but to fulfill his selfish motives.

“If the Congress doesn’t want to meet the same fate as it did in Assam, the high command should change its leadership in the state. If Siddaramaiah continues to be at the helm of affairs, Congress, no doubt, will lose miserably in the coming elections,” Prasad warned.

He suggested the high command to consult all the MLAs for their opinion on Siddaramaiah’s leadership. “Having worked in the party for four decades, I am not making attempts to topple the government but working towards repairing the cracks in the party,” he said.

Prasad, who got nostalgic about his early days with Siddaramaiah, both in JD(S) and the Congress, said he always wished good for Siddaramaiah. “It was I who suggested him to contest from Varuna constituency in 2009 instead of Chamundeshwari constituency where he had already lost. I supported his AHINDA movement, campaigned for him. Ultimately, he turned out to be a back stabber,” Prasad said with a choked a voice.

As long as he was a minister, Prasad who was praising Siddaramaiah for introducing Anna Bhagya, today crticised him for the same, saying, “It was nothing but his arrogance that he took the decision on his own without consulting senior ministers. Both Anna Bhagya and loan waiver cost the government an exchequer of Rs 5,000 crore,” he said.

Prasad has always maintained that he was not consulted before being dropped from the ministry. When a reporter asked him if he would have agreed to Siddu’s suggestion on the new cabinet list, Prasad said, “The Chief Minister had no guts to talk to me in person as he was busy entertaining his own men. He even sacked strong Bovi leader Shivraj Tangadagi to include people like Priyank Kharge,” Prasad said.

When he was informed that the PWD and District In-Charge Minister H C Mahadeppa is willing to talk to him over the issue, he said, “I don’t even want to see his face.”


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