Pre-wedding photo shoot inside Mysuru Palace!

The social media is abuzz with the images of a pre-wedding photo shoot inside the iconic Amba Vilas Palace.

The photos, shared across various mediums including Facebook, have raised many questions as to who gave the permission for the couple to take pictures inside the palace and its ornate inner halls.

Reacting to these reports, Deputy Director of Mysuru Palace Board T S Subramanya said that he was not aware of the photo shoot. “I will order an investigation,” he said.

Maharani Pramoda Devi said: “As the members of the royal family, even we don’t click photos inside the Durbar Hall and we don’t allow any of our relatives to do so. They would have come inside due to a probable security lapse. I have no idea of who gave the permission of the photo shoot and I am trying to contact the Palace Board authorities to know the facts. The couple who have shot the photos are not our relatives.

The Amba Vilas Palace is out of bounds for film and serial shooting and no one is allowed to even carry cameras inside the inner sections. Forget cameras, even mobile phones are not allowed inside, During special occasions like Dasara, media persons have to obtain special passes to photograph the ceremonies and rituals.

The last film shooting that took place inside the palace was Dr Rajkumar starrer Mayura. After that, no film crew was allowed to film in­side. According to sources, a couple of months back, Superstar Rajinikanth and his crew had approached the palace authorities for permission shoot his mov­ie Lingaa inside the palace. But the authorities denied access and aske the crew to shoot from outside.

The latest photo shoot is of a couple from North India (names have not been men­tioned to protect identity) and the shooting shows the photographs of the Durbar Hall, the ornate chandeliers and decorative glass ceil­ings inside the halls.

The photo shoot has been featured in wedding websites asking for people to contact them for more wedding photo shoot ideas. The photos even show the photographer taking live pictures of the couple.

One such website says: “The first ever pre-wedding shoot in Mysore Mahara­ja Palace. Here’s a video glimpse of the photo-shoot in Mysore Maharaja’s Pal­ace! By Photriya Photogra­phy. Please visit our website (website name) to get more wedding ideas or send your queries via mail to (website name). Kindly share our blog and feel free to leave a comment.”

Commenting on the photos, several people have taken objection to the “spe­cial permission” given to the couple. The comments are particularly directed against the authorities who have giv­en the time for the couple to dress up and allowed them to pose for photographs. Though many people have admired the inner beauty of the palace, they have said that the place was not right for a photo shoot and action must be taken against peo­ple involved. Some com­menters went ahead and said that by allowing the photo shoot, the palace has been disrespected and the sentiments of Mysureans have been hurt.

Surprisingly, some posts on Facebook were deleted soon after adverse com­ments started pouring in.


Speaking to City Today, Deputy Director of Mysuru Palace Board T S Subra­manya said that he was un­aware of the photo shoot.

“During the time of Deputy Commissioner P Manivannan and City Po­lice Commissioner M A Saleem we used to allow photo shoot in non-season time and when the tourists are less in number. I am not aware of the latest photo shoot and I will call a meet­ing to discuss the issue. An investigation will be or­dered. Also, the images ap­pear to be photoshopped. We need to examine them in detail,” he said.

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