Precast technology; a home built in 24 hours

Prime News, Karnataka, Bengaluru, July 3:- A three-bed room house, 2400sqft at a cost of 48 lakh, plus applicable taxes, and very cheap, constructed in 24 hours in Bengaluru.

Tyag Uthappa, coffee planter and businessman from Kodagu, a Bengaluru resident dreaming of a home which he intended to gift to his wife on her birthday.

To build a conventional home it will take at least seven months to complete, depending on the type of home and various other factors, like labour, raw material supply and weather.

The precast technology reduces the delay in construction, cost reduction and spares from time-consuming work.

According to Chief Disruptor, a Bengaluru-based company, REBEL Disruptive Building Technologies, is planning is out to prove a point and also set a world record.

Using the new and innovative technology,  the project has been scheduled for July 15  launch at T Agrahara close to Stonehill International School in North Bengaluru. The Limca Book of World Records has acknowledged the firms claim and planning to send a team of its officials to document the execution of the project.

Further elaborating the construction activities, the company said, using moulds with precast, creates structural elements which are standardised. A house consists of 15 to 20 large elements. Using standard foundations at construction sites, the elements will be assembled and construct the whole house.

The technology skips a lot of procedures which conventional technology demands, makes it easier and faster method of construction.

In fact, the precast technology was used in a number of Western countries and in the Middle East where the time is precious and demand the fast execution of projects.

So if you are planning a house to construct as early as 24 hours, here is the technology to assist you in building your dream home.

-(NAV, Inputs; Agencies)

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