Premature birth leading cause of death, says Dr Nanditha

Prime News, Health, National, International, Karnataka, Health, Mysuru, November 17:- One in every 10 babies is born prematurely. It is also one of the leading causes of death in children under 5 years of age worldwide, said Dr Nanditha N, Consultant Neonatologist, Kangaroo Care Women and Children Hospital, Mysuru.

As part of World Prematurity Day, addressing the media at Mysuru Press Club at Agrahara here on Wednesday (November 17), Dr Nanditha said “The burden (both economic and social) of prematurity-related diseases/disability is extremely concerning both for the parents and the community in general. This day is dedicated to all premature babies (born before 37 weeks of pregnancy). The day is celebrated to raise awareness of the global problems due to premature birth.”

She said, “Premature babies often require extra medical attention depending on how early they are born. They are treated in a specialist unit called the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Some of the many reasons requiring NICU care include low birth weight, low blood sugar, early-onset infection, jaundice, difficulties with breathing, etc. Occasionally, babies could also be born with congenital anomalies (heart defects, brain/spinal cord, lung defects, abdominal wall defects). Such babies require immediate and specialist treatment in order to minimise the complications and to provide the best possible outcome.”

Dr Shekar Subbaiah, Neonatologist, Founder Director and CEO of Kangaroo Care Women and Children Hospitals, who also spoke on the occasion, said “Kangaroo Care Hospital has a level 3B NICU where many premature babies have been treated since it began operation in 2020. The NICU in Kangaroo Care Hospital has separate inborn and out-born units as well as an isolation room. The NICU is equipped with advanced state-of-the-art equipment like ventilators, incubators, cardiac monitors in order to provide the babies the care they deserve. Babies that are inborn as well referred from nearby hospitals and regions like Kodagu, Chamarajanagar and Mandya have been treated here at K C Hospital, Mysuru.”

He said, “In last one year, we have successfully managed more than 89 babies in our NICU. One of such several success stories (born between 28-32 weeks) is that of a baby born at 32 weeks with multiple surgical problems. After 2 surgeries within a week of life and a month’s stay in NICU, he was successfully discharged home. He is now a happy and thriving 4-month-old baby.”

Dr Manjunatha, Medical Director and Supriya Datta, Manager Process Excellence, were also present.

The hospital celebrated World Prematurity Day at its premises where the parents and their precious NICU graduates were invited. (MR)

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