Press capacity: Need 6 months to replenish Rs 500 notes

Will new notes which replace the demonetised currency find itself in circulation soon? Unlikely, if the capacity of all the currency printing presses in the country is any indication. The latest calculation, based on capacities of the currency printing presses, shows that replenishment would take around six months.  This is particularly true for the new Rs 500 notes, whose printing, presumably, started after November 10. Till those are replenished in adequate numbers, the “currency pain” would not go away since Rs 2,000 notes are difficult to exchange for lower denominations. 

However, enough of the new Rs 2,000 notes may already have been printed, calculations show.

Centre demonetised Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 currency notes last week, sending the whole nation into a tizzy. Long queues outside banks have been a daily occurrence since then because enough currency notes are not available with them. New information gleaned from public sources show the government may be too optimistic in claiming that “adequate amount” of money would soon be in circulation. 

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