Primary education should be in Kannada: Siddaramaiah

Mysuru, May 23:- “Primary education should be in Kannada. There is no change in this opinion. Everyone should get uniform education,” said former chief minister Siddaramaiah.

He was speaking after inaugurating the first Kannada medium science PU college of Karnataka, Nrupathunga College at Ramakrishna Nagar here on Wednesday.

“I oppose starting English medium in primary education in Government Schools. The rights of people of Karnataka should be protected. I am in favour of people of Karnataka and I will remain the same. Kannada medium PU science education is a unique effort. Many people are economically backward. Poor people struggle to send their children to English medium schools. Kannada language and Kannada medium are different. No one objects teaching English as a language but as a medium, no. Many opine that Kannada medium teaching will help students. I’m also of the same opinion,” he said.

“Kannada is the language of our heart. No language can replace our mother tongue. Government Schools should also get similar quality education that of private schools. Love for English has made Government Schools close down. If there is unequal education, it will increase social inequality. The caste system is strongly rooted in our society. If there is no movement in society, there will be no change,” he said.

“It is unfortunate that Kannadigas are making outsiders feel it is okay even if they don’t learn Kannada in Karnataka. We should appreciate the efforts to start college education in Kannada medium. The government should encourage the efforts of education in Kannada medium,” said the chairman of Kannada Development Authority Prof SG Siddaramaiah.

Former minister Dr H C Mahadevappa, secretary of the Primary and Secondary Education Department Umashankar and others were present. (MR/GK)

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