Problems for what?

I’m writing this letter to share my concerns about the conflict between Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. The conflict has been around for years as we all know the sharing agreement was made during the British era, but we all have come a long way from that era and we have modernised our thinking and ways of working. Where my concern lies is that during such situations curfews and the protests that take place create a huge menace in the city or the state. People residing in those cities or states have to face a huge problem, some lose their jobs, some lose their wealth and some for that matter lose their lives. Situations and decisions like these do not lie in our hands, so why do citizens suffer? Through this letter I would want to reach out to the masses and the government as well to share my opinion stating that in situations like this, there must be extra preventive measure that should be taken to secure the life of a citizen.

Changchuk Lamo, journalism student,

Mahajana FGC, Mysuru

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