Prof CNR Rao opens int’l conference on ‘Advanced materials and technology’

Expressing his disappointment over the sheer mismanage­ment of water resources in India, Bharat Ratna Prof CNR Rao lamented that India was the most mismanaged country when it came to water conser­vation.

Speaking after inaugurat­ing the three-day International Conference on ‘Advanced Ma­terials and Technology (ICMAT – 2016) organised by Sri Jaya­chamarajendra College of En­gineering (SJCE) on Thursday, Prof Rao pointed out that India, despite having advanced tech­nologies failed to conserve rain and agriculture water. “Nothing much has been done towards the conservation of water and to ensure clean drinking water to people. There is quite a lot research to be done in water materials,” he said.

Prof Rao added that 60 per­cent of the diseases recorded in India were due to the con­sumption of polluted water. “The plight of people in parts of Punjab is such that they have been drinking water in which uranium is detected which could lead to cancer,” he added.

He underlined energy, en­vironment and water as the areas wherein a lot of research was required in India, saying “these are the fields where we lack and serious research is need of the hour.”

Prof Rao called upon youth to discover new materials and phenomena rather to work on materials which were already discovered. He stressed the need to focus on material and nano science, saying the sub­ject had great potential and were directly related to the wel­fare of human being.


During the inaugural session, SJCE exchanged a Memoran­dum of Understanding (MoU) with Chonbuk National Univer­sity, South Korea. The scope of the MoU includes cooperative educational and research ac­tivities; exchange of research­ers including faculty members and graduate students.

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