Prof of MYRA School of Business wins Emerald Literati award

Professor of     International Management at MYRA School of Business in Mysu­ru, Dr Wolfgang Messner, has bagged the Emerald Literati Award for his newly devel­oped indicator to measure the actual effectiveness of inter­cultural communication and collaboration.

His research paper pub­lished in the International Journal of Managing Projects in Business has won him the nomination as a highly com­mended paper in the 2016 Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence. The international Emerald Lite­rati Awards, for the past 23 years, reward outstanding contributions to scholarly research; the winners are chosen by a journal edito­rial team, and the winning authors receive the prestige of it being recognised that theirs is one of the most im­pressive pieces of work the judges have seen throughout the past year. In an effort to disseminate high-quality research, the journal has made the paper freely available a

Using the new framework has benefits for the organisa­tion as well as for the individ­ual, highlights Dr Shalini Urs, Chairperson at MYRA School of Business, who was among the first to test the framework when Dr Messner initiated his research a few years ago. The organisation benefits from acquiring insights into global team dynamics; gain­ing an understanding of the strengths as well as deficien­cies of its global teams; and being able to pinpoint the root cause for possible team con­flicts, misunderstandings, or performance problems. An individual global worker can get a greater understanding of self and foreign counterparts and use the results as a start­ing point for improving own intercultural communication skills, she says.

Dr Messner has been as­sociated with MYRA for the last three years and teaches elective courses like Mak­ing the Compelling Business Case, Customer Service Management, International Business Management and Intercultural Competencies for working in international teams to the Business Man­agement students at MYRA School of Business. He re­ceived his Doctorate in Mar­keting from the University of Kassel (Germany), and his MBA with distinction from the University of Wales (UK). Prior to this, he obtained a first-class Master’s degree in Informatics and Economics after studies at the Technical University Munich (Germany) and the University of New­castle upon Tyne (UK); he also spent time at the Universita per Stranieri di Perugia (Italy), and attended executive ed­ucation at Harvard Business School (USA).

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