Protecting ozone layer need of the hour

World Ozone Day observed at Badriprasadji Pre-university College in Mysuru

Mysuru, September 15:- Geetha Science and Eco Club had organised World Ozone Day at the college campus in association with “Regional Museum of Natural History – NMHRD”.

Dr G N Indresha, Scientist-D and head of the office, narrated the importance, depletion and protection of the ozone layer. He explained Ozone (O3) is the protective gas shield which surrounds the earth. O3 layer exists about 30 km away from the earth’s surface. It is helpful to protect us from harmful UV rays from the sun but depletion of ozone is taking place day by day due to the use of chemicals which mainly consist of chlorofluorocarbon (CFCs) widely used in refrigerators and air conditioners.

When CFCs are released into the environment, they combine with atmospheric air where chlorine present in CFCs acts as a catalyst, leading to breaking down of ozone molecule which leads to thinning of the ozone layer.

Later, Dr. S. Raviraja, principal and scientist, spoke about the ecosystem imbalances happening around and consequences of depletion of ozone layer, the UV radiation directly entering the earth which causes skin cancer,  blindness and allergies. These diseases may prove to be incurable in the future.

Ozone depletion causes the greenhouse effect, which in turn results in global warming. Protection of ozone layer is important by going green.

In addition, a wonderful street play was performed by the team members of Adhamya Ranga Shale to create awareness on the depletion and protection of the ozone layer.

The principal, staffs and students of Badriprasadji Pre-university College were present on the occasion. (MR).

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