Protecting wilds is our responsibility: CCF Ajay Mishra

Prime News, National, Karnataka, Forests, Wildlife, Chamarajanagar, December 18:- Chief Conservator of Forests (CCF) Ajay Mishra on Wednesday (December 16) opined that the wild animals are our property and it should be our sincere endeavour to protect them.

Talking at a two-day workshop organised at K Gudi, Mishra said, “We have the foremost responsibility of protecting our wilds. Centuries back, people used to conserve protests. But because of the growing population, the encroachment of forests is taking place rapidly. The land, in and around forests has turned into farmland. This is what is leading to man-animal conflict. To avoid this, we have a master plan which will be implemented shortly.”

The CCF said, “Wherever man-animal conflict is more, we are planning to build ‘elephant corridors.’ Tribal people usually come to forests in search of firewood and honey. To put an end to this, we are distributing LPG cylinders and honey bee boxes.”

Deputy Conservator of Forests Shivaraj Singh said, “When it comes to afforestation, Karnataka is far ahead of many other states. There is a lot of improvement in the last couple of years. It is wrong to assume that forest cover is decreasing because of the increase in population. Protection of forests and the wilds is our responsibility.”

Chamarajanagar CCF Manoj Kumar said, “Smugglers enter forests and hunt down wild animals to make money. These smugglers know there is a lot of demand for animal skin, teeth and nails.”

BRT Tiger Conservation Project director Santosh Kumar, cartoonist Nagesh Hegde and others were present. (MR/HN/BN)


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