Protest staged against govt’s anti-farmer, anti-labour moves

Farmers submit memorandum to MLA L Nagendra asking him to urge the govt to take up farmers' issue in the Assembly session starting from September 21

Mysuru, September 16:- Dalits and farmers’ outfits staged a protest on Wednesday (September 16), criticising the state and central government’s anti-farmer and anti-labour policies.

Speaking on the occasion, Karnataka Rajya Raitha Sangha president Badagalapura Nagendra said, “The whole country is suffering from the coronavirus pandemic. Instead of taking preventive measures, the government is busy to ruin farmers’ lives with three anti-people Acts. The Yediyurappa government is planning to pass these Acts in the coming Assembly session which is set to begin on September 21. Amendment to Farmland Act, APMC Act and Industries Act is detrimental to our growth. We need to protest this tooth and nail.”

Nagendra added, “With another amendment, the Centre is planning to privatise production and supply of electricity. Farmers who were getting free power will be deprived of this whenever the Act comes into force. People who were getting free power under Bhagya Jyothi and Kuteera Jyothi are bound to lose.”

The farmer leader said, “These draconian amendments will lead to financial discrepancies. Farmers, Dalits and labourers will face more hardships. The government move is not in tune with the Constitution. In the ensuing Assembly session, we need to coerce the state government not to go ahead with the amendments.”

Kuruburu Shanthakumar, Hosakote Basavaraju, Hosur Kumar were present during the protest.

The protesters, who happened to meet BJP MLA of Chamaraja Constituency L Nagendra, handed over a memorandum to him and urged him to support their cause. “You need to take up the issue in the Assembly session. The Centre is going ahead with the amendments without any discussion.” (MR/KS)



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