Protest against HDK govt trying to target media houses, journalists

Mysuru, June 8:- Mysuru Rakshana Vedike staged a protest in front of the District Law Courts here on Saturday, condemning the state government’s move to curb media freedom by targetting some senior journalists.

The protestors said that the state government and Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy are registering frivolous complaints against the journalists who speak or write against the government. In the recent past, the Kumaraswamy government trained its gun on K H Ranganath of Public TV and Vishweshwar Bhat of ‘Vishwani’ newspaper.

Protesters alleged that those who write against the state government on social media are also being imprisoned. The protesters said that curbing the freedom of media is an insult to the democracy.

“Kumaraswamy had used abusive language against media on earlier occasions. Later, he troubled journalists by filing complaints against them. As he has faced ignominious losses in the Lok Sabha elections, he is showing his arrogance against media. On their part, Congress leaders are turning a blind eye to the whole drama. We urge the government to stop its attempt to curb the media freedom,” said My Ka Prem Kumar of the organisation.

“If the coalition between Congress and Janata Dal (Secular) is fine, why the chief minister has to be angry with media? He doesn’t have faith in himself because of the internal bickerings that are bogging the government. At least now, he should focus on giving good governance. He should know people are observing this,” said Vikram Iyengar.

Kumaraswamy’s frustration is understandable as his father H D Deve Gowda and son Nikhil lost the Lok Sabha elections from Tumakuru and Mandya respectively. Various factors have been attributed to both Congress and JD(S) getting routed in the LS polls. If that is the case, what is the role of the media in the whole issue?

As the fourth estate, the media’s job is to highlight the wrongdoings in the government. To be fair to the Indian media, it has been doing a fair job without taking sides over the years. Taking on media for no fault of theirs will amount to transgressing their freedom of expression. It is nothing new that a politician or political party can survive antagonising the media.

Rakesh Bhat, MA Mohan, MG Mahesh, Sundar, Kadakola Jagadish, Jayasimha, Nishanth, Lohith, Sandesh and others were present. (MR/KS)


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