Minimum bank balance: Karnataka Senapade activists stage protest

Mysuru, January 9:- If the Centre has its say, the minimum balance in any Savings Bank in the State Bank of India, it is going to be Rs 3,000. Condemning the Centre’s move, Karnataka Senapade activists staged a protest near Mysuru City Bus Terminal on Tuesday, saying it is not acceptable.

“It has come as a shocker for the middle class. SBI has collected Rs 1,771.67 crore in the form of fine from those who failed to keep a minimum balance in their account. We condemn this attitude of the central government to penalise the poor. On the one hand, the Prime Minister is talking of digital India, and on the other, SBI is making people not to enter banks,” they remarked.

District president of Karnataka Senapade Tejesh Lokesh Gowda, city president Prajish, Sunil, Jagadish, Manu Nayak, Gurumallappa, Nanjundaswamy, and others were present. (MR/HN).

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