Protest condemning activist’s arrest

Mysuru, October 31:- Dalita Sangharsha Samithi staged protest on Thursday, condemning the arrest of activist-journalist Doddipalya Narasimha Murthy.

The protesters said that the police who couldn’t nab the culprit in a case against one Vinod 25 years ago have now arrested Murthy.

They alleged that the Modi government is encouraging mass murders and said they have registered a complaint against 49 thinkers who wrote letters to the Prime Minister. They said that BJP has been suppressing freedom of expression wherever it comes to power. They called the arrest of Murthy as an act of cowardice.

Bettaiah Kote, Shambhulinga Swamy, Rathnapuri Puttaswamy, Ningaraju, Jagadish KK, Shivabuddhi and others were present. (MR/KS)

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