Protest staged against closure of Mysuru Zoo

The members of Hotel Owners’ Association and Hotel Owners’ Charitable Trust staged a protest against the closure of zoo and urged the Zoo authorities to reopen the zoo at the earliest.

Speaking on the occasion, President of Mysuru Hotel Owners’ Association Narayana Gowda said “Following the Avian Influenza (H5N8) which had affected birds resulting in the death of various birds in Mysuru Zoo, the authorities decided to shutdown the historical zoo. This decision has affected the business of hoteliers and has caused an adverse affect on tourism industry in city. The authorities need to relook into this matter and take precautionary measures to save the birds and reopen the Mysuru Zoo.”

President of State Hotel Owners’ Association Rajendra, President of Mysuru Hotel Owners’ Association Charitable Trust Ravi Shastry and others were present. 

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