Proverbs help in developing society: Prof Prasadamurthy

Mysuru, January 5:- “Proverbs are an integral part of our lives. They make us tread the right path of life,” said Prof G Prasadamurthy, head of Kannada Department at Nataraja Women’s First Grade College.

He was speaking at NSS camp of the college held at Basahalli Hundi village in Mysuru taluk on Thursday.

“Culture has the nature of blending since time immemorial. It bonds people together. Proverbs are having equal importance as Vedas. Proverbs have prevailed in India for centuries and in other countries as well.  Proverbs speak of lifestyle and culture of the land where they belong to,” he opined.

Prof N G Lokesh, H R Guru and others were present.

-(SH, NGB)

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