Provide 50 lakh jobs as promised in Congress manifesto: Mishra

Mysuru, January 5:-  As promised in the election manifesto, the state government should generate 50 lakh jobs as it had promised in its manifesto before the elections,” said national convenor of Zero Unemployment Model Chandru Mishra here on Thursday.

“Siddaramaiah-led Congress had assured that it will generate 50 lakh job opportunities to help the youths of the state. Let the government announce how many jobs it has provided,” he demanded at a press meet held at Mysuru Press Club on Thursday.

“Going by the manifesto, the government should have generated 22,321 jobs for each constituency. But when we conducted a survey in Varuna constituency represented by the Chief Minister, we got to know that the state government has not provided jobs even to 2,000 people,” he added.

“Let the state government announce how many jobs it has generated in the last five years. It should fill up 1.2 lakh jobs vacant in various departments of the state government as soon as possible,” said Choranahalli Shivanna.

Naveen Hosapete, Om Sangamesh, Rajesh and others were present. (MR/KMRP).

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