Pulling down everyone is Siddaramaiah’s job: AH Vishwanath

Former minister Vishwanth supports PM Modi's visit to Ladakh; slams Opposition

Mysuru, July 4:- “I was the one who brought Siddaramaiah to Congress when he was suspended from Janata Dal (Secular). I am happy for making Siddaramaiah, who hails from a backward community, the chief minister of Karnataka. But Siddaramaiah does not allow anyone to grow in politics. His only job is to pull down everyone,” said senior Bharataiya Janata Party leader A H Vishwanath.

He was speaking to media in the city on Saturday.

“Opposition leaders who are making allegations against Prime Minister Narendra Modi should release the documents they have. They should not make allegations and run away. Congress leaders should behave with maturity,” he said and condemned Congress leaders who criticised Modi’s visit to Ladakh. He took a jibe at Congress leaders Siddaramaiah and Mallikarjun Kharge who have mocked Modi’s Ladakh visit.

“Modi is the first Prime Minister of India from backward communities. Siddaramaiah who speaks of Ahinda should remember this. Modi and Devaraja Urs have similarities. I see Devaraja Urs in Modi. Before mocking Modi, Congress leaders should think. Modi is the most successful leader of India,” he said.

“People of the country will not accept the words the Opposition parties used against the Prime Minister. What is the achievement of Opposition parties in Parliament election? So-called leaders are talking all baseless things. Rahul Gandhi doesn’t respect the Prime Minister. He didn’t respect the Prime Minister of Congress as well. Siddaramaiah says Modi is unfit to be Prime Minister. Was he fit for the chief minister’s post? Modi has a successful Gujarat model. What model does Siddaramaiah have? Anna Bhagya idea was mine. It was not Siddaramaiah’s achievement,” Vishwanath added.

“If Congress leaders have any document against the state and central governments, let them produce it first. Two opposition parties forming the coalition government in the state was a blunder. Nothing will happen if I don’t become an MLC now. There is no legal issue for me to become an MLC,” he added. (MR/KS)

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