Punish offenders

Kerala government is going to implement a new rule from August 1 for its two wheeler riders. The new rule indicates denial of sale of petrol to those who do not wear helmet.  This is to make helmet wearing compulsory for the safety of riders. Earlier Orissa government also came up with this type of rule. Our state also may think about it in the future. Will this condition serve its purpose, when the people are wearing helmets only for the sake of traffic police to avoid fines not bothered for their own safety? Many are wearing it before reaching the major crossings where they suspect the presence of traffic police and not even bothered to CCTVs. Riders will carry the helmets with them and just before reaching the petrol bunk they will wear it and remove it after leaving the bunks. Can state governments monitor such people whose number is very high especially in towns and cities?

Dr  S V N Vijayendra, Mysuru

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