Quality on the wane

Old Mysuru state produced great engineers like Sir M Visvesvaraiah. He was not just in Karnataka but was also sought by other states like Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, to name a few. During mid nineties, when I was working in the then Bihar, I was thrilled to know that TISCO’s main water storage and supply facility was planned and executed under the able leadership of  Visvesvaraiah. It was a pride moment for me and my family on a visit to this place which is called Dimna Lake in Tata Nagar (Now in Jharkhand). Even to this day, this lake attracts large number of tourists, in addition to providing vital water supply to TISCO and its vast township. From Bihar, I moved to Western India – Gujarat and Rajasthan, where I could meet many engineers from this state working on important projects of central and state governments. Contrast this with the  construction of state highways,  public office complexes, town and city roads by the present day engineers ? Mysuru city roads are examples for  poor quality of work. These roads lack proper surfacing, too many bumps, improper width, too many curves, to name a few. Leaky buildings, poor quality construction attract people’s attention. As a tax payer, I am totally confused as to what is lacking in our education system? Are we incapable of producing quality engineers? Or unable to train them suitably to shoulder the responsibilities to undertake and execute quality works? Does the quality of our engineers is on the wane?  It is an enigma, which I am unable to understand.

MRG Murthy, Mysuru


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