R K Narayan’s memorial museum ready for inauguration

The two-storey bungalow of Malgudi creator and celebrated novelist R K Narayan which has been restored and conserved as a memorial museum is all set to get inaugurated in a few days.

On Thursday, Jayaram (Son of R K Srinivasan, the younger brother of R K Narayan) along with Kartik (grandson of R K Srinivasan), MCC Commissioner Dr C G Betsurmath visited the heritage bungalow of Narayan to inspect the work progress and also to see his belongings of that were brought from Chennai recently. The belongings of Narayan donated by his granddaughter Bhuvaneshwari, which contain a table, a chair and the desk  that were used the great novelist  to pen his literary works, a dining table, and medals, certificates including Padmabhushan, Padmavibhushan, furniture and books from his personal library were kept for display on Thursday.

Speaking on the occasion, Betsurmath said, “The two storey building of Narayan at Yadavagiri was about to be demolished in September 2011 but by invoking the provisions of Karnataka Town and Country Planning Act, we declared the property a heritage structure and prevented it. MCC purchased the house for Rs 2.4 crore and we planned to convert it into a museum and make it a memorial for the visitors. A total of Rs 29 lakh was spent for the conservation of the building and Rs 5 laksh for the landscaping works. The conservation of the monument is almost done and the formal inauguration would be done very shortly.”

R K Narayan’s memorial museum

“We approached the family members of the Narayan who are in Chennai to donate some of the articles and preserved items of the writer. Granddaughter of Narayan, Bhuvaneshwari agreed to help us to convert the house into a museum and today we have requested their relatives Jayaram and Kartik who lived in the house during their early days to help us to arrange the items in the same manner as they were when Narayan lived in the house. With their suggestions we are taking all the necessary measures,” he said.

“I had recently visited ‘William Shakspeare’s house’ in Stratford and I was impressed with the work they had taken. On the same lines, we will preserve Narayan’s memorial museum,” he added.

Speaking to City Today, Jayaram said, “I had lived in the same house when I was pursuing engineering.  In 2011, I saw the house in a dilapidated condition. But today I am happy to know that the corporation has taken up a real good job.  As a civil engineer, I know how difficult it is to give makeover to a house.”

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