Rahul Gandhi fumbles and avoids question on nationalism, thrice

Prime News, National (New Delhi), May 4:- It was Rahul Gandhi’s first television interview in NDTV this election season, and naturally, there was anticipation. But in spite of targetting Narendra Modi on every second sentence, Rahul fumbled and deviated when asked on BJP’s nationalism poll plank.

Not once, but at least thrice, he conveniently steered away from making his stand clear on an issue that has become the overarching election agenda, particularly since Balakot strike by Indian forces. Sample this.

Rahul simply won’t answer.

Q: “But do you think Rahul that this is turning out to be effective given that he is riding on this…you know this high of nationalism, Balakot, the surgical strikes and now this entire Masood Azhar business has happened? Do you think targetting him backfires?”

Rahul: “Look we do it in numbers okay? We do it in numbers. And we do our polling. When we started, when we started, less than 20% though Rafale was an issue, okay? That there’s some hanky panky that took place in Rafale. Our numbers are today showing that close to 67% (of) people in India today believe that Rafale was a scam…”

The question on nationalism was very smoothly steered away from. Now picture this.

Q: “…You are accusing someone of corruption in a defence deal which at the moment as I said is projecting himself and his government as tough with Pakistan, with terrorism. saying Congress is wimping out, no surgical strike happened…”

Rahul: “I am talking to someone who came to power saying I will deliver you two crores jobs a year, I will give farmers right prices, I will give them karza mafi…”

The second time he steered away from answering was when he was asked how Rahul Gandhi hopes to counter the ultra-nationalism plank of Modi. If that wasn’t enough, let’s look at another question when the interviewee tried asking him the same question.

Q: Well Rahul, you are saying the Prime Minister is no longer able to talk on jobs and so on, fair enough. But don’t you believe that the narrative he is giving the people is also working for him, whether it has to do with Pakistan, or to do with Balakot, surgical strike…”

Rahul: No. We work out numbers. The primary issue in the Indian election (is) jobs, jobs, jobs. That’s the issue. Economy and jobs, that’s the issue…”

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