Rahul Gandhi shown door from only place he was active: BJP on his Twitter suspension

Prime News, National (New Delhi), August 14:_ The BJP on Friday took a swipe at Rahul Gandhi over Twitter temporarily locking his account for allegedly violating its rules, saying the Congress leader has been shown the door from the only place he was active and he should use the new social media rules enforced by the Modi government to restore the account.

Addressing a press conference, BJP MP and the party’s youth wing president Tejasvi Surya said the same Congress was crying hoarse and attacking the government when it framed the new rules to “empower” social media platform users.

Now, Gandhi cannot hide behind the freedom of expression argument after he tweeted a picture of a rape and murder victim’s family members, Surya said, adding it was “indecent, illegal and inhuman”.

The law prohibits the disclosure of a rape victim’s identity, including address or her family members’ details, promoting the BJP and the official child rights body to hit out at the Congress leader.

The Congress has argued that Gandhi is raising the family’s voice for justice and that the National Commission for Scheduled Castes and a BJP MP had also posted the family’s pictures.

Surya said the issue now is whether it was right on Gandhi’s part to publicly disclose the victim’s identity as the law of the land frowns upon such acts. (MR, Inputs: Agencies).

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