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Rains, slippery or water-logged runway may cause hydroplaning

Prime News, National, Aviation Industry, Chennai, August 8:- There can be several reasons for an aircraft to skid on the runway but the most likely causes are bad weather conditions, slippery or water-logged runway due to excessive rains, according to an experienced pilot.

On Friday evening an Air India Express aircraft flying in from Dubai skidded off the runway while landing in Kozhikode and plunged into the deep valley below.

At least 14 people have reportedly died in the accident, including the pilot of the flight, Capt D.V. Sathe.

The incident occurred at 7.41 p.m. on Friday, when the flight from Dubai to Kozhikode skidded off the runway after landing at the ‘table-top’ airport amid rain.

The aircraft with 190 persons on board, including six crew members, battled heavy rains while landing.

“It may be due to a lack of friction between the tyres and the runway. There might be water logging resulting in what we call hydroplaning,” the pilot not wanting to be quoted told IANS.

Hydroplaning is a condition in which standing water causes the moving wheel of an aircraft to lose contact with the load-bearing surface, that is the runway.

This leads to the braking action of the wheel being rendered ineffective so that the aircraft’s speed can not be reduced after landing. (MR, Inputs: Agencies)


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