Rajyotsava celebrated at Nataraja Prathistana

Shree Nataraja Prathistana  celebrated Kannada Rajyotsava at Nataraja auditorium recently. Chief guest of the programme, D Nagendrappa, retired director of Kannada and Culture Department, spoke on the occasion and said that Kannadigas are striving for their identity for the past 60 years. November 1 is the day for all the Kannadigas to rejoice and pray to   goddess Bhuvaneshwari. “This celebration should carry on for the entire year. It is individual’s responsibility to protect our language and culture.

“Kannada language is mentioned in scriptures dating back to 3 BC. It  shows how old and rich Kannada language. But now 5 to 6% of non-Kannadigas are trying to show their might against us, which is sad,” he said.

K Sathyanarayan, Lokesh Murthy and other Nataraja College members were present at the function.

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