Rally urging temples to revolutionise learning held

Temple managements urged to open the doors for learning to mark the 125th birthday of the Father of Indian Constitution Dr B R Ambedkar

 A series of programmes were organised on Wednesday to mark the 125th birthday of the Father of Indian Constitution Dr B R Ambedkar. A rally was taken out from the Ashokapuram Dr B R Ambedkar Park urging an opportunity for Dalit students to study and break social barriers.

The participants of the rally distributed awareness pamphlets and requisition letters to all the temple managements urging them to give an opportunity for Dalit children to study at their premises. According to the participants, social taboos, superstitious beliefs, poverty and living conditions in areas where Dalits live were preventing them from gaining good education.

Ashokapuram Dalitakeri has over 32 temples and it be a revolution if temples can open the doors for Dalit students to study. These temple managements can initiate learning, Dalit activists felt. They also urged the temple authorities to keep reading and writing materials inside their premises so that they could be utilised by poor children.

The rally was organised by Ashokapuram Abhimani Balaga, Vinayaka Sports and Social Work Organisation and Karnataka State Daily Wagers Association.

According to the organisers, the real way to celebrate Ambedkar’s birthday was to spread knowledge among all communities and all sections of the society. “These temples can stock up books and literature that speak about great personalities. This way they can bring in a change in the society,” they said.

Also, they have urged well-educated officers, government employees, corporates and volunteers to spend time with poor students and teach them academics. “These are the ways to implement the vision of Babasaheb Ambedkar and usher in a social change,” they said.

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