Ramadas files complaint against Somashekhar

A complaint has been given to the Commissioner of Police, Dr Subrahmanyeshwara Rao by BJP Corporator B V Manjunath, against MLA M K Somashekhar for his outbursts against former minister and BJP leader S A Ramadas.

“Somashekhar has been making false allegations which I am not concerned with.  He has defamed me with unparliamentary words in the public. I request you to take action against Somashekhar for his statements,” Ramadas stated in his complaint.

“I had no knowledge about the demonetisation prior to the decision of it and I didn’t state that I knew about it. I have been working as honorary president of the employees’ union of the RBI since 18 years and I have never violated any of the rules. Knowing all the truth, Somashekhar twisted my statement the way he wanted and alleged me of wrong-doing,” he stated.

Corporator Manjunath handed over the complaint copy to the commissioner and requested him to take action.

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