Ramagovinda Puraskar-2016 for three

 Honouring personalities and organisations that have worked for the welfare of the mankind and animals, city-based NGO’s Ramabai Charitable Foundation and M Gopinath Shenoy Charitable Trust felicitated Savitha Nagabhushan on behalf of People For Animals (PFA), Mysuru, Harekala Hajappa from Mangaluru, and Lakshmisha Tholpadi from Putturu with ‘Ramagovinda Puraskar-2016’ for their notable service in the fields of animal protection, education and literature respectively.

The audience on Sunday witnessed that there were no political leaders on the dais thus reflecting that the award recognized only selfless service to the society in the absence of political influence.

Ramagovinda Puraskar-2016 ceremony was organised by entrepreneurs M Jagannath Shenoy, M Ramanath Shenoy and M Gopinath Shenoy through their trusts in memory of their parents Govindarao and D Ramabai.

People for Animals (PFA), is an institution that cares about animals in crisis, in and around Mysuru. With the intrinsic belief that animals form an integral part of our lives, the PFA cares, adopts, rescues and loves any animal in crisis and has been providing shelter to animals that have been left hurt by accidents.

Harekala Hajabba, 61, an illiterate fruit vendor living in a small village called Nyupadpu, near Mangaluru, has spent his earnings for the noble cause of education. He has built a school on 1.33 acres of land without any aid from the government and has succeeded in providing education to the children.

Lakshmisha Tolpadi, a nature lover with ecological concerns hailed from a farming family Shantigod in Putturu of Dakshina Kannada district, has been contributing to Kannada literature. With an in depth knowledge in ancient literature and discourses including Vedas, Upanishads, Bhagavata and Vachanas, he has narrated it in Kannada in a unique way.

Conferring the award on these three who have been selfless in their service to the society, Chamarajanagar Deenabandhu Institution Honorary Secretary Professor G S Jayadeva, who is the son of renowned Kannada poet G S Shivarudrappa inaugurated the event thus encouraging the need to uplift and strive for higher cause of human dignity.

Addressing the gathering, he said, serving mankind or the animal was not as easy as expected and contributing selflessly for the genuine cause by breaking all barricades of all social ills was a challenging task.

Jayadeva lauded all the awardees.

Savitha Nagabhushan on behalf of People for Animals (PFA), Mysuru, Harekala Hajappa from Mangaluru, and Lakshmisha Tholpadi from Putturu with ‘Ramagovinda Puraskar-2016’ for their notable service.

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