Rangayana to organise 3-day theatre festival in Bengaluru

Rangayana, Mysuru is organising ‘Natakothsava’, a theatre festival, staging three unique plays in Rangashankara, Bengaluru on September 20, 21 and 22 at 7:30 pm.

On September 20, ‘Thaledanda’ play by Girish Karnad will be staged. Twelfth century can be called as an age of transformation in the history of Karnataka. It is also called as the era of Basavanna and the Vachanas. The faceoff between the Sharana movement and the then political system has given rise to the questions of spirituality, experience, social reforms, and various political questions. These are brought to the limelight in this play and give an insight of the then society to the audience.

Dr U R Ananthamurthy’s ‘Samskara’ play will be staged on September 21. Samskara symbolises the sufferings of the Indian society and represents it with plague. It questions the age old traditional practices and its faceoff with the booming rational thoughts. It is not just a story of an Agrahara, but also the fall of a society and the birth of a new movement. Rangayana is performing Samskara in order to spread the thoughts of the social consciousness among the people through theatre.

On September 22, ‘Julius Caesar’ by Shakespeare will be staged. The play is the story of the Rome. Rome was a democracy when the other parts of the globe were under the rule of Kings, dictators. Julius Caesar is considered as the first political play by William Shakespeare, as the other plays on the British society are considered to be historical plays.

Rangayana invites the theatre lovers to take part in the theatre festival and make it a success.

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