Rangayana to stage ‘Andhayuga’ on July 24

Paraspara Art foundation Mysuru is staging a play titled ‘Andhayuga’ directed by Manjunath Belakere on July 24 at Bhoomigeetha.

The play is originally written by noted playwright Dharmaveer Bharathi. The play based on the ancient Sanskrit epic, Mahabharata written by Ved Vyasa begins on the eighteenth and last day of the Great Mahabharata War, which devastated the kingdom of Kauravas, the feuding cousins of Pandavas.

The play is translated to Kannada by Dr Siddalinga Pattanashetty and Dr Tippeswamy. Light work is done by Mahesh Kalhatti and music by Devanand Varaprasad and Srinivas Bhatt. Murari, Bharath, Sandeep, Jyothi, Ananth Raj, Gowri, Sharath Chitradurga, Shivanna, Preethu, Manu, Krishnanand, Jayashree Hegde, Janardhan, Supreeth, Rajashekar S and others are in the cast.

About Paraspara Art Foundation: Paraspara Art foundation started under the guidance of theatre person Manjunath Belakere to involve in socialite work in the year 2012. From past three years, it has provided a platform for all enthusiastic and talented youngsters interested in the field of Art, film and literature. The foundation has organised many awareness programme and has staged plays like ‘Ondanondu Kaladalli’, ‘Aaha Nanna Maduveyanthe’, ’ Andha Yuga’ and a street play ‘Rakshasha’.

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