Rangayana’s Bahuroopi festival postponed

Prime News, National, Theatre=Drama, Health, Disease, Mysuru, December 6:- Rangayana has announced that ‘Bahuroopi-2021’ Theatre Festival which was scheduled to be held from December 10 to 19 has been postponed. This is due to the surge in the new variant of COVID-19-Omicron across the state.

Addanda C Cariappa, Director of Rangayana, said, “The multilingual national drama festival which was scheduled in December cannot be held under the current circumstances as thousands of people will gather at the venue.”

The programme will be postponed and held later with no changes in scheduled format or play once the restrictions are removed by the state.

This year, the festival consisted of 10 non-Kannada plays including Punjabi, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi and Odia and 18 Kannada plays. Other programmes such as seminars, workshops and film festivals are also part of the festival. (AM/SH)

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