Rape bid, 2 arrested

A truck driver’s wife has lodged a rape attempt complaint at the Mysuru South Police Station against her husband’s friends. The complaint has been lodged on Wednesday morning after the incident on Tuesday night.

According to the police, the woman, identified as 36-year-old Rehamana, had come to the city with her husband Afzar from Haryana carrying a truckload of potatoes and onions. As a normal practice, the truck drivers start from Haryana in groups for safety and would also bring their family members along with them.

Afzar, Rehamana

This time, the group of five (including Afzar), started from Haryana a couple of days back and arrived in the city on Tuesday night. All of them had brought their family members and had parked their vehicles inside the APMC Yard. In the past too, the group had travelled to the city carrying goods from Haryana and they knew each other well.

After unloading their trucks with the help of local loaders, the drivers later brought alcohol and had partied hard inside their vehicles. An argument ensued between the men and Rehamana intervened in the fight.

Rehamana told the police that two among the group molested her and attempted rape on her. Her husband too was assaulted with beer bottles and repeated pleas from her husband and two other men to spare her fell on deaf ears. Other members of the group who intervened were also assaulted, she stated in her complaint.

People and the police personnel at the crime scene on Wednesday

The Mysore South police led by Inspector Mahesh arrived at the APMC Yard on Wednesday morning and have arrested two persons. The main accused have, however, fled the spot with their vehicles. They also deflated the tyres of other trucks. The names of the accused have not been revealed by the police as it would hamper investigations.

The woman has now been sent to the K R Hospital for a medical test. The police are making enquiries in the APMC Yard and have asked the authorities to give them a list of truck drivers who usually get loads from Haryana.


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