Rare ailment in toddler cured

A two-year-old girl diagnosed with acute flaccid paralysis a rare ailment was treated suc­cessfully at JSS Ayurveda Hospital.

A girl child named Rak­shitha aged two years six months came to JSS Ayurveda Hospital with a complaint of being unable to stand, tremors in both legs and unsteady giant a few months back. The child was apparently normal before six months but suddenly started vomiting and having loose stool and was hospitalised at her hometown Coimbatore, said Medical Superintendent of JSS Ayurveda Hospital Dr Shivaprasad Hudeda The child developed hyper py­rexia in the hospital followed by fever due to which she could not get up on her own and also developed tremors in the legs, he added.

“She had undergone MRI scan which appeared normal but in the EEG report there was neuronal hyper excit­ability and was malnour­ished. She was diagnosed with ‘Acute Flaccid Paraly­sis’ at JSS Ayurveda Hospi­tal and later admitted here, noted Dr Shivaprasad.

He said, “We observed gross hypotonia over the low­er limbs with flaccid muscles, poor muscle power, fascicu­lation’s and poor neurological functions. We started pan­chakarma such as Matrabas­ti, sastikashali pinda sweda and other oral medication. Specific exercises were car­ried out by us under the guid­ance of Dr Mangala K S and at the end of treatment child improved. Now the tremors are reduced and she is able to walk on her own.”

“The total expense of the treatment was just Rs 15,000. We request the public to avail the facilities at affordable cost,” he added.


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