RC air show is a big draw among spectators

Aviators from the city and neighbouring areas exhibited their flying skills at the RC-Air Show organised at the Bannimantap Grounds on Friday.

RC air show one of the major attractions organised by the Mysuru Dasara sub-committee in association with the Mysuru Flying Association (MFA). The show enthralled the audience gathered at the Bannimantap grounds. The air show organised as part of the Mysuru Dasara and aimed at promoting and popularising the flair for flying among youngsters and others was launched by MP Pratap Simha.

Speaking to media persons, Pratap Simha said, “Aviation has been a growing trend among youngsters and there has been a tremendous demand. This is a perfect occasion for the public to get first-hand experience of the RC aircrafts operated by skilled pilots and aviators.”

Well-known pilots and aviators displayed their aviation skills by flying the electric sky surfers, high wing, mind wing and low wing trainers, Raven 35, Tucano-90 and scanner airplanes. Later, Multi rotors including Hexa copters, Octa copter and Quad copter, electric and nitro powered mini helicopters were also exhibited in the air show.

11-year-old city lad Adithya exhibited his flying skills by handling an electric powered helicopter on the occasion which was well appreciated by the audience.

Static models

A static model named Boeing 747-8 intercontinental aircraft built by the city-based Rig Technologies was one of the major attractions in the air show. City-based engineering students have built a 68 kg static model aircraft in the same aeronautical standards. The team is led by Sathwik S Rao. Speaking to City Today, he said, “We took 2.5 months to prepare this aircraft. We have used aluminium, hard rubber, plywood and foam wood to prepare this 18ft aircraft. We have been conducting workshops to create awareness on the aviation technology among youngsters. This has been a perfect platform for us to exhibit this static model.”

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