Real test

In the aftermath of Dalit research scholar  Rohit Vemula’s suicide in Hyderabad Central University, the baton of protest passed on to Jawaharlal Nehru University  in Delhi and has now reached National Institute of Technology in Srinagar. If it is not handled sensitively it may serve as a tipping point to engulf other universities across India. The fuse that lit  for the protest to assume such  horrendous proportions was the involvement of opposition political leaders led by the vice president of the Congress Rahul Gandhi and Yechuri of CPI(M) both crushed  under the Modi juggernaut in 2014  Lok Sabha elections  to  regain some semblance of  their severely denuded  vote bank. With assembly election on in Assam and West Bengal  and with three state assembly elections due in near future, for Modi led NDA government it is a hurdle race that must be won if BJP has to remain relevant. There are hopeful signs in Assam while BJP can gain a foothold in West Bengal  as surveys indicate but the real challenge will be in Uttar Pradesh.  

H R Bapu Satyanarayana, Mysuru

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