Receptionists to welcome visitors at city police stations!

Mysuru, January 4:- A visit to the city police stations is often a troublesome process as thought by many citizens. But now onward the atmosphere at the police stations is going to be more people-friendly as receptionists will be welcoming the visitors at the stations.

These receptionists are not the one we see in corporate offices, but they are a separate section in the police department. Receptionists have already started working at V V Mohalla Traffic Police Station. They will be mailing the Commissioner of Police Dr A Subrahmanyeshwara Rao as to how many people visited the police station,the nature of their complaint and how long it took to serve them at the police station. “This exclusive section will be extended to other police stations in the city. Home guards will be used for this task.”

DCP Dr Vikram Amathe, Police Inspector Ravi, PSI Mamatha and others were present.

-(KS, NGB)

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