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Redefining music

The heritage city has produced many eminent musicians and singers. Sharath S,  a city-based musician, composer, sound engineer; and singer has made remarkable achievements at a very young age and is now considered to be an artiste with unparalleled talent in the field of music. He is better known for his command over many musical instruments.

Born to supportive parents Shankara and Sudha, Sharath did hid schooling in Nirmala Convent and SVEI. Later, he did his PU from Mahajana’s College and BE in automobiles from PES College.

He was barely seven when he began his musical journey.  It was Bhanumati who taught the youngster the intricacies of classical music. He learnt the trade earlier than one expected. His keen interest towards music made him explore more in musical instruments. He purchased a keyboard from the money he saved from the gift money he received during his thread ceremony (upanayanam).  Being an ardent lover of music, he got to represent his school in various musical fests and programmes.

He continued to learn music from an AIR artist Ranjani  and became an erudite musician. He was later introduced as a supporting keyboard artiste during his PU days by one Ganesh Prasad. Like any youngster, he wanted to pursue more and Sharath turned to engineering. The biggest breakthrough in his musical journey came during his engineering days when he got an opportunity to involve himself in various literary and musical activities. He participated actively in college fests and inter-college fests and VTU fests which helped him to rub shoulders with a couple of good musicians. With their help, he started a band called Aarohana. Through Aarohana, he performed at various levels and soon produced a musical album which was well received by music lovers.

The level of perfection he showed while playing the keyboard made Sharath one of the most-sought-after musicians in a very short span. He has been in the field as a renowned keyboardist and has accompanied a galaxy of maestros in various programmes across the state. Because of his command over the instrument and his down to earth nature, many youngsters come to him to learn various musical instruments. That hundreds of students have learnt keyboard, guitar and mouth organ is a testimony to youngster’s grown popularity.

After he completed engineering, Sharath was offered a lucrative job at a German-based MNC.  He worked there for a few years but left the job and came back to Mysuru to establish a recording unit. He started Aarohana Musical Studio comprising a recording studio, music classes, live shows, music composition and sound mixing studio, first of its kind in the city. Various musical albums, films, short films, documentaries were recorded, mixed in the studio. He has composed songs, done background scoring, Sfx and Foley for movies that includes Dakshayagna, Samarakoota, Paachi, Parivartane and many others.

He recalls the support of Rohit, the technical in charge, mixing engineer and guitarist of Aarohana and flautist Sameer Rao for supporting him throughout his journey. He thanks all his teachers _ Somanna, Tony Rozario, Aaron Christopher from whom he learnt the keyboard and piano. Sharath has a masters degree in mechanical engineering and an MBA degree in marketing management – ICFAI. He is presently working as an Assistant Professor of mechanical engineering department at Global Academy of Technology, besides taking care of three branches of Aarohana. Sharath, who also has a branch in Bengaluru, plans to have a centralised place for all music requirements and open a music research centre.

What is music, according to you?

As a sound engineer, music is just a blend of mathematics and physics. But other dimensions of music such as emotions, healing power and personality can be felt as an artiste. As a teacher, it is the joy of sharing the knowledge and a divine connection between me and students. As a student, it is a treasure beyond measure.

Of musicians and composers, who inspire you?

The list of musicians is big. I like Jordan Rudess, Bala bhaskar, Stephen Devassy, Rajesh Vaidya, Sameer Rao. Among  composers _ Ilayaraja, A R Rahman,Harris Jayaraj, G K venkatesh and Rajan nagendra top the list.

What do you think of software-generated music or modern music-programming method?

Music programming gives us good sound, but an artiste cannot be replaced by software because of his Manodharma. I am not against programming, but programming is a threat to live music and live artistes. Live artistes should be persisted with.

As a musician, what is your suggestion to budding musicians?

Music enthusiasts should be open to all sources of knowledge. They should focus only on learning and take their journey of music sportively and as a challenge. Jealously is poisonous. Grow along with your peers and be a good human being. That makes a good musician.

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